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Our System + Your Connections = Solution

The problem with most on-line Conference solutions is that they are not budget-conscious, only work for very large meetings, and/or require the use of new technology or software that needs to be learned.

We have a better way.

Our solution solves:

  • New domain registration not needed
  • Hosting for your conference site not required
  • We use a proven solution
  • We operate the tech – you concentrate on the event
  • Compatible with Zoom!


View a Successful Sample

• A Two Day Event • 1200 Participants • One Main/Featured Speaker Stage •

• 6 Secondary Topic Rooms • 3 Sessions Per Day • Flawless…

Managing an online Conference event involves many tech and logistics variables and we’re here to help. Our intake and event management system help to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible and let’s you sleep well the night before.

  • analyzing hosting bandwidth limitations
  • determining Zoom Jedi (assistants) requirements
  • meeting with speakers pre-event to ensure open communication
  • connected browser refreshing to ensure conference site information stays current even during the event
  • pre-event checklists development to send to participants (ie. ensuring they have the most recent Zoom version installed)
  • support connections before and during the event