Light your candles and incense!

On January 24th, a New Moon will arrive and give you the opportunity to finally try a New Moon Circle! These lunar gatherings are gaining popularity with yogis, meditation studios and those cool Instagram influencers!

You are invited to join Sam, a Fully Trained and Experienced Women’s Circle Facilitator, and enjoy learning more about this powerful cosmic moment!

Date And Time

January 24th at 6pm MST


On-Line via ZOOM

You will be sent your Zoom Access link after registration and before the event.

Refund Policy

No Refunds

The new moon marks a time for reflection and intention setting. On January 24th, the moon is aligned with the sun, launching a new Lunar Cycle, the first of our NEW YEAR and NEW DECADE! To welcome this new astrological phase, many women gather for new moon circles to meditate, journal and share goals. This circle is an amazing opportunity for you to connect and support friends and share in the excitement of looking towards our collective and individual futures. As women we feel the potency of the shift of the moon’s phases so it’s a really incredible time to gather your friends and sisters to enhance the power you already possess. In this circle, you will receive insights and reflections from other like-minded women. During her circles, Sam relies on a talking stick and encourages participants to completely unplug from the outside world. 'It’s a transformational, spiritual practice that everyone can do!’ says Sam. 'This New Moon is in Aquarius and gives us a strong need for emotional freedom, so our intention as group will be to assist you to understand your feelings and free yourself from negative emotions such as fear, anger and jealousy. We will also be creating our new intention for this new year and decade!'

“It’s a transformational, spiritual practice that everyone can do!”

This is a virtual experience so you will be connecting with women from around the world!

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Your Organizer | Sam Bell

Sam Bell Inspired Inc.

Sam is a nurse/midwife and teacher with a career spanning 3 decades and 3 continents, working in public, private and charitable sectors. She is recognized as a huge advocate for women as a writer, transformational coach, international speaker, and is what you could call, a connector of hearts. Her work is largely focused upon helping mothers and daughters struggling with their difficult sometimes, toxic, relationships, resolving issues such as self-esteem, confidence, relationships, happiness, chronic disease, and body image. She teaches workshops, online courses and offers coaching programs for women wanting to accelerate their personal and professional growth and step into their full power and potential. 

Her own recovery from Complex PTSD and Social Anxiety Disorder is a testimony to her powerful work. The journey released her intuitive gifts, bringing her to a place of JOY, and inspired her to achieve the same for others by sharing the tools she learned and developed along her way.